TVYLL “Zero Tolerance” Policy

As of the 2018 Fall Season, Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League has requested that all referees enforce the following –

  1. Coach/Official Interactions:  Prior to each game, the officials will certify each team separately.  Prior to game start, a coach from each team will meet with the officiating crew at midfield to go over the age group rules, answer any questions the coaches may have, and explain the spectator expectations.  Once this meeting takes place, coaches will not interact further with the officials prior to halftime unless addressed directly (such as requesting coach assistance with an injured player).  If a coach addresses comments toward an official once play begins, a minimum of a conduct foul will be assessed.  Adjudication of any such foul will be in accordance with possession at the time of infraction.  Continued interaction will result in increased penalties.  Prior to the start of the 2nd half, the officials will verbally announce and make themselves available at midfield for questions or concerns.  Coaches are strongly encouraged, but not required, to attend this discussion.  Once play resumes in the 2nd half, comments directed toward officials by coaches will again result in a minimum of a conduct foul.       

  2. Spectators:  All spectators are expected to support all players in a positive manner.  Verbal outbursts that do not reflect positive encouragement will result in a conduct penalty against the supporter’s team.  Verbal outbursts include, but are not limited to, incitement to higher levels of contact, cheering a hard or illegal hit, or any verbal comment that would not normally elicit a smile.  If spectator misbehavior continues, officials will impose unsportsmanlike conduct penalties accordingly.  If necessary in the judgement of the officials, the game may be suspended while the officials request assistance from that team’s coaching staff to remove the offending spectators from the game area.  If the spectator refuses to leave, the game will be declared a forfeit by the offending team.

  3. Players:  The safety of all players is our overriding concern. 
  • Any attempted stick check that contacts the head or neck region shall result in a slashing call.  In accordance with USL policy and NFHS rules, a multiple-minute nonreleaseable penalty may be assessed depending on level of contact.
  • Any player who initiates contact with their head, or makes first contact with the opposing player’s head, will be assessed an unnecessary roughness foul; by rule this requires a multiple-minute nonreleasable penalty.  This specifically includes offensive players initiating contact on dodges with their helmet (“bull dodges”).
  • Foul language of any kind will be assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • In keeping with the spirit of coach-official interactions and good sportsmanship, players shall not question officials about adjudication of game play.