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NFHS Memorandum: 2012 Rules Clarifications & Corrections

Please note that the NFHS has released a new memorandum detailing some rules clarifications and changes for the Spring 2012 season. We request that all ILOA members take a moment to download and read this new memo before the start of regular season play in March.

Download Link: [download id=”14″]


NFHS 2012 Rules Test Available Now

The official NFHS 2012 Rules Test has been posted by US Lacrosse and is available now for all current members. Please be sure to head over and take the test before the start of the Spring 2012 season and be sure to email the results from your test (at the end) to info@idlaxref.org. You will be required to supply your US Lacrosse Member ID # in order to take the test. We (the ILOA) are members of the MDOC District 11 so please be sure to appropriately select “District 11” and “Idaho Lacrosse Officials Association” for your affiliations.

Please note that you can always access the link to the tests via our main menu (located on the right of the site).