On-line Course & Rules Test

Please open the following for general instructions from US Lacrosse for new refs as well as pertinent links for courses & tests.

USLacrosse New Official Certification process

We use NFHS rules in for high school games in Idaho, NOT NCAA.


Detailed instructions:
Log into uslacrosse.org and hover your cursor over ‘Officials’ up on the banner.  When the menu pops down, select ‘Online Courses.’

Then click ‘Catalog’.  You may be able to click the search button, then type in the course name (Boys’ Lacrosse Rules Online Course), but for some reason this does not always work for me.

If ‘Search’ isn’t working for you, choose the ‘2 – Officials’ category, then ‘2 – Men’s Game Officials’, then ‘Rules Courses and Rules Webinars’.

Then you’ll see this (well, it probably won’t say ‘Completed’ just yet! 😊

 What you want is the Boys’ Lacrosse Rules Online Course – the one on the right side below.