General New Ref Information

Greetings – and THANX for your interest in helping grow Idaho lacrosse!

  1. Send an email to “” stating your intent to attend, plus detailing any previous lacrosse and/or sports referee experience.
  2. Register with US Lacrosse for the current year (Year ends the end of September), BUT BE CERTAIN to add “Official” status to your membership. This can be added for free to an existing membership – contact US Lacrosse via telephone.
  3. Prior to the classroom training, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take the US Lacrosse On-Line Men’s Official Training course. It is excellent, and GREATLY assists new refs to understand the basics and leverage the classroom & field experience training. Please review the New Ref On-line Course & Rules Test page under Resources.
  4. Idaho Lacrosse Officials Association (ILOA) does not charge for training, and our annual dues are taken from your first ref payment – we try to make your introduction to our ranks as simple & painless as possible!
  5. Please review the Uniform Requirements page under Resources. You do NOT need ref gear prior to training – and the needed gear will be discussed at the training.