2015 IHSLL (High School) Fall Ball Info

Play starts this weekend, and continues until October 31, with 5 or 6 Saturday games usually in the mornings, but there are no games on the October 10 “start of hunting season” weekend!

RULE CHANGES: High School games will use the 2016 Rules Changes mostly involving face-offs moving to the NCAA rules. Also the “pinch & pop” NCAA rule was added, so only one step to get the ball out of the a back side head posession, and “over & back” is now loss of possession – READ THE RULE CHANGES!

2016 Rule Changes: https://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/boys-lacrosse-rules-changes-2016/

I am trying to assign one ref used to the NCAA rules for early season games to help train other refs for the revised rules. Finally, please remember that this is FALL BALL, and emphasize learning NOT “catching” players! Fall Ball should be fun and beneficial for improving for the regular Spring Season.

2015 TVYLL Fall Ball Information

The 2015 TVYLL Fall Ball schedule should start on Monday, September 8. I do NOT have the schedule yet, so assignments will not likely start until the week prior. Please update your Arbiter availability.

Awarded Face-offs Due to Goal Differential: No longer a need to place all middies in face-off position restrictions (i.e., middies behind the wing restraining line). This will speed up the game – the restriction was VERY confusing!. Just keep all players 5 yards away from the player with possession, and start play!

Fall New Ref Training – September 12, 2015

Our Fall New Ref Training classroom will be on Saturday, September 12 starting at 10:30 AM until roughly 4:30 PM at LaxID (the back of our local lacrosse store – 8189 W. Westpark St.).

There is NO charge, and in fact, we will provide the “proverbial free lunch” for all attendees!

There will also be a On Field Mechanics training session, but that has not been determined yet, and it will be discussed during the classroom session.


Ann Morrison Park Field Map

Map to help find the appropriate field at Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho.

Ann Morrison Park Map

2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse Rules!

Modified One Pager for 2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse.

2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse Rules

2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse Schedule

The following shows the game schedule for both boys & girls games for the 2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse on June 6, 2015. See the Game Grid Legend for game details.

2015 TVYLL Day of Lacrosse Schedule